Sports Mental Performance Coaching: How it works

Sports mental performance coaching helps you take your sporting achievements to the next level, whether you play in a professional team, you’re an elite athlete, a weekend competitor or you’re just starting out.

Using powerful strategies and practical techniques, mental performance coaching can help you:

  • Overcome your nerves and keep your confidence high
  • Manage pressure and channel it for positive results
  • Stay focused despite distractions
  • Stop making mistakes
  • Work towards achievable goals
  • Perform as well in competition as you do in practice
  • Get rid of fears and negativity
  • Recover from injury and setbacks
  • Increase your motivation
  • Play to your strengths and minimise your weaknesses
  • Boost your energy

Which all lead to improved sporting performance.

How we do it

We start by completing a personal profile which helps us get to know you. And we’ll help you clarify your goals – whatever they are. Together we’ll create a personalised coaching programme which focuses on getting you the results you want as quickly as possible.

The coaching process includes Neuro Linguistic Programming, and other techniques, which enable you to perform at the optimum level.

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